Flooded lead acid batteries contain liquid electrolyte. Cell gas emissions require regular top up with distilled water.

OPzS-Series - Longlife - Batterie (Service life over 15 years)

Classic OPzS batteries have been proven energy suppliers for decades, which convince in robustness, reliability and extremely long design- or cycle life thanks to the use of tubular plates. They are not only suitable for standby parallel operations, but also thanks to their very good cycling characteristics, for photovoltaic applications. The nominal capacity range covers 50 Ah up to over 3000 Ah (C10).


The OGi series uses positive and negative grid plates. The batteries have a very low internal resistance. Due to their excellent voltage level in all load conditions they are ideal for high current applications with short discharge times. A service life between 12 to 15 years is common (electrolyte temperature at 20 degrees). The batteries are suitable for UPS, utility and control unit applications as well as for starting up diesel generator sets.

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