Gel (VRLA)

In gel batteries, the electrolyte is fixed in a gel suspension between the plates making it a maintenance free battery. Compared to other VRLA types (e.g. AGM), gel batteries possess a higher electrolyte reserve.


This series is suitable for cyclic use due to dedicated positive plates. The batteries offer high cycle stability and are proven against deep discharge. Typical applications are power sweepers, electrical wheelchairs, hoisting platforms or hand-operated forklifts.

CTV-Series ‘Long Life' Gel-Battery (Service life 10-12 years)

This series comprises the most common 6 V and 12 V batteries but also single cells over 3000 Ah. The CTV battery offers a very good performance for long-term energy delivery (e.g. photovoltaic applications) and in higher temperature ranges. In short, wherever you need to rely on the advantages of a gel battery, this series is your answer.

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