AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat where the electrolyte in the cell is locked in a fiberglass mat between the plates. This valve regulated lead acid technology is maintenance free and leak proof. The internal resistance is very low due to the packing density, thus these batteries are suitable for high current use.

CT series (Service life: 4-6 years)

This low maintenance AGM (VRLA) series offers a broad range in the standard commercial spectrum between 0.8 Ah up to 200 Ah with 6 V and 12 V voltage types. Most of the CT-batteries are VdS certified and thus suitable for security alarm and fire alarm systems. Wherever a safe, efficient, low maintenance and innovative energy storage is required, the CT-series is the right solution.

CTL series ‘Long Life' AGM-series (Service life 10 to 12 years)

This series of low maintenance AGM batteries (VRLA) ranges from 7 Ah to 230 Ah for batteries and 50 Ah to 3850 Ah for single cells. The performance of this series is very reliable and thus highly suitable for uninterruptible power supply and emergency light applications. The CTL batteries offer excellent high current characteristics.

AGM for cyclic use (VRLA)

These batteries are ideal, when high power over a short period of time is needed, e.g. electric vehicles or automated guided vehicles (AGV).


If you’re looking for a battery with a great cost-performance-ratio, look no further.


Our Extreme series stands out due to high cycle stability thanks to a special manufacturing process. Compared to the EV-series, our Extreme batteries offer up to 20% more capacity at the same volume.

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